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Welcome to The Sports Netting Company, your sports netting specialists! We provide a wide range of Sports Nets and sports netting like  Golf NettingCricket Netting, Football Nets, Tennis Nets along with a range of golf practice nets, cricket cages, and ropes. We also provide  Installations services through our sister company Pro-Fit Net Installations, Ltd.




Sports netting specialists, we specialise in golf nets, golf practice nets, cricket netting and cricket cages, tennis nets, football nets and netting, we also sell cricket boudary rope and barrier rope



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Our sports netting products are of the highest quality and are made to the latest specifications with a team of very experienced net makers who have specialised in sports netting for over 20 years in the UK.


If your needs are not met by standard sized nets then we will also be happy to make customised sports netting that will fit your existing frame. We are happy to offer technical advice on the best specification of sports netting to meet your requirements. Just email us or call our friendly and knowledgeable staff who will be pleased to help. You will find our contact details in the contact section of the Sports Netting Company.






Here at the Sports Netting Company, we have five main categories of sports nets: Golf nets, cricket nets, tennis nets, football nets and rope. The outline below briefly discusses what you will find in each category. More details can be found by clicking the links shown above. 


Golf Nets


In this section you will find a range of golf netting and golf practice nets. We have golf impact (22mm nylon) netting and golf surround (28mm poly) netting available in green or black.


Basically, there are five different choices of golf practice nets available in our golf practice net range. Starting with the very basic we have the golf practice net supported by poles and guy ropes (this golf practice net is ideal if space is limited) to our professional golf practice net with a steel frame. Whatever level of golf you play and however little or much room you have, we have a golf practice net that will suit your standard of play.  



You can also find golf curtain nets here. These are designed to prolong the life of your golf net on your golf practice bay. We supply two types of golf curtain nets: 

 - The standard golf curtain net made out of golf impact netting; and

  - The ultra-tough and durable archery curtain net which, as the name suggests, was originally used for stopping arrows!


Cricket Nets


In the cricket netting section you will find a range of cricket nets including cricket practice nets and cages, cricket netting, indoor cricket netting and boundary rope.



We can supply a choice of four different cricket practice nets. These cricket practice nets range from pole and guy rope systems to permanent steel framed cricket practice bays. Guy rope systems create a portable cricket practice net system that's ideal for use in your garden. Whatever you're looking for - we can meet your requirements.


Cricket netting is also available by the linear metre in pieces from 9ft, 10ft or 12ft high. This can be fitted to standard wooden poles or steel frame systems.



Boundary rope is available in 24mm, 28mm and 32mm diameters. All boundary rope is made from spun staple polypropylene on a 220m coil.


Tennis Nets


We have three different tennis nets available. All are made to the highest standard and all tennis nets include a woven headband.

  •  Club tennis net

  •  Wimbledon-type championship tennis net  

  •  Top of the range double netting top tennis net.


Whatever standard of tennis net you are looking for we have a tennis net available for you.


Football Nets


In total, there are six different football nets available in our company. You can choose from the following football nets:

  • 12-ft five side football net

  • Mini-soccer football net

  • 16-ft five a side football net

  • Basic football net

  • Club football net

  • Ultra strong 2.5mm thick premier football net.


So whatever level of football you play, we can supply you the exact football net to suit your needs.




Football surround netting is also available in 2.5mm thick x 120mm mesh and is readily available in white, green, and black colours. Football surround netting is great for use behind football goal nets in the garden to stop stray balls flying into neighbours’ garden or into the road.




Along with a comprehensive range of sports netting, we also sell a range of rope.



·       Boundary ropes are available in 24mm, 28mm and 32mm diameter. All boundary ropes are made from white spun staple polypropylene on a 220m coil.



·       Barrier ropes are available in three different colours; blue, white, and yellow. The barrier rope also comes in three different diameters - 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm.





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