Ideal Sports for the Garden

Times are tough for everyone due to the current coronavirus lockdown. Breaking your usual routine and being forced to stay at home can be bad for your emotional and physical wellbeing. 

Ashes to Ashes: A Wartime Hero

Professional cricketer Hedley Verity was a World War II hero who lost his life at the age of 38, while leading his troops against the German army in Sicily. 

Top 5 Highest Scoring Football Matches

Stoic defensive performances are a staple when it comes to winning a football match - but dominant possession doesn't mean anything if you can't score goals.

History’s Longest Cricket Match

The longest cricket match in history went on for an incredible 12 days - even then, it still ended without a winner! The Test match between England and South Africa took place in 1939 and became known as the "Timeless Test".

The Ashes 2019

As the oldest rivalry in cricket, The Ashes has been played between England and Australia since the 1880s. The two nations take it in turns to host the event, with the 2019 five-Test series due to begin on 1st August. The winner will receive the famous Ashes urn.

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