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3 Essential Tennis Techniques

If you want to succeed in the game of tennis, you will need to master some of the basic tennis techniques and skills; these techniques will help you to hit the ball quicker, with more control and less effort. You will then be able to develop a unique style which will empower you and will further lead to the advancement of the game.

Tennis Forehand

This technique is the most natural and in all likelihood it will be the first that you will learn. Tennis forehand is so important that if you execute this well, you will be able to win points.

Simplify the forehand stroke by keeping your swing simple; if you keep things simple you will be able to produce a natural and powerful swing that will allow topspin to come of its own accord, without the need for extreme and unnecessary force.


Tennis Overhead

This technique can be compared to a slam dunk in basketball. It can be described as a sure shot or a 100% guaranteed win shot. Tennis overhead is the response to a failed and unsuccessful lob attempt. To earn points you will need to strike the tennis ball as it is floating in mid-air over the head to the forehand or backhand side of an opponent.

This will surprise the opponent and it will probably affect their game. Tennis overhead is very difficult to learn but always remember to keep the left or non-dominant hand up to help track the tennis ball. Keep a good shoulder position to maintain proper coil and to produce a powerful shot. 


Tennis Lob

A tennis lob will require an aggressive mentality to deliver an aggressive shot. This technique involves quick reflexes and hand-eye coordination and you will need to hit the ball before it bounces on the ground. The objective of this shot is to be on the offensive and to reduce the time for the opponent to counter the technique.

Remember to hit the tennis ball midway in the air and always hit it after the approach shot. Positioning the feet is also very important. A good initial split step will help you to balance and hit the ball in the direction opposite to the opponent. This will also help you to quickly react in any passing shot. 

Mastering these tennis techniques will help you to succeed in the game. Practice regularly and make sure that you have the correct equipment, including a good quality tennis racquet and net.  


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