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Getting Fit with Tennis: Discover its Health Benefits

Anything that requires physical activity is beneficial to our health and well-being. A well-known sport that offers health benefits in spades is tennis.

A game played with two or four people, with the goal of hitting the ball over the tennis net into the opposing court, it is a strenuous activity and needs the coordination of the mind and body. Here are some of the benefits that tennis can afford:

Psychological Benefits

Tennis serves many psychological benefits such as a stress relief, raised alertness, enhanced body image and greater self-esteem.

Stress Reliever

A session of moderate to vigorous exercises stimulates the production of endorphins in the brain that are released into the body. This reduces your perception of pain and stress and promotes feelings of euphoria and invigoration.

Playing tennis modulates the regulation of serotonin improving your sleep cycle and mood, promoting happiness and helping to ease depression.


Since exercise reduces stress and increases energy levels, playing tennis will enhance mental alertness and tactical thinking. It also helps us to generate new connections between nerves in the brain.

Self-Esteem and Confidence

People who engage in sports experience mistakes, yet they learn from them in a safe and supportive manner. This improves personal confidence, which correlates with the level of mastery. Moreover, it builds composure and resilience that fuels players into pursuing their dreams.


Sport teaches you to accept winning AND losing with grace, dignity and honour.

Physical Benefits

Tennis also helps in weight management and muscle development.

Lose Weight

Former world tennis champion, Björn Rune Borg, characterised tennis as “a thousand little sprints.” Tennis demands anaerobic movements that burn fat and help you to lose weight.

Healthy Heart

The elevated heart rate from tennis improves your circulatory health, lowering your risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke. According to Live Strong, a 160-pound person burns about 220 calories in 30 minutes of singles tennis.

Muscle Development

Tennis also combines rigorous strength training in your legs, arms and upper body which helps to increase bone density and improve muscle tone, strength and flexibility.

Tennis is one of those sports with the greatest number of benefits. Anyone for tennis…?