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Ideal Sports for the Garden

Times are tough for everyone due to the current coronavirus lockdown. Breaking your usual routine and being forced to stay at home can be bad for your emotional and physical wellbeing.  Rather than feeling trapped in the house, look at this grim situation as an opportunity to do something different!

While we all recognise the importance of stopping the virus from spreading by avoiding going out in public, or mingling in large groups, there are activities you can try to help cure the boredom - various sports can be played in your own garden when the weather is sunny.

It's particularly important to keep children interested in sporting activities, rather than having them sit indoors 24/7 playing on gaming consoles or watching TV, but whether you have children or not, everyone can take part in simple sports in your own garden, without breaking the "social distancing" rules.

 garden sports

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Children and teens of all ages can enjoy a kick-about in the garden - you can even go down the old-fashioned route and use jackets as goalposts.

If it looks like we're in it for the long haul, invest in a five-a-side net, or a simple mini soccer net, to make it more fun - or to create a more competitive edge!

While it's great to keep fit and stave off the boredom with a game of garden football, make sure you don't annoy the neighbours - position a sturdy football surround net around your garden to prevent the ball from being kicked over the boundary!


Cricket and rounders

Who doesn’t love a game of rounders? Oh, the memories!

As well as being good exercise, rounders or cricket are great sports to involve all the family in a fun activity. If you are going to play in the garden, always use cricket netting to avoid hitting the neighbours with a stray ball!



While few of us can fit a full-size tennis court in our garden, there's nothing wrong with buying a couple of rackets and balls to play a mini game for fun. You can pick up the equipment from online sports retailers.

If your garden is large enough, use tennis court netting so you don’t keep losing the ball – ‘cos you don’t want to be losing your balls!



Kids might think of bowls as being a sport for the oldies, but in reality, anyone can play! It's an ancient sport that goes back to the days of French boules.

You can play it against one other person, or in teams of two or three, depending on how many family members you have and how many bowling balls. You can play it on any size lawn and practice skills, such as strength and accuracy, by knocking an opponent's ball away from the target.



If you've already purchased a net to play tennis or badminton, your garden can easily be adapted into a volleyball court! This game can be so much fun.

You can have up to six people on each side, so even if you have a huge family, it's something everyone can join in! The beauty of volleyball is that even if there are only two of you, all you need is a ball, a net and your hands to play.


Let the fun begin!

If you want to get through these trying times, without going stir-crazy, get creative and go back to the days before we had computer games, the internet and social networking sites. Come on peeps, get outside and have some real fun!

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