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How to Make the Most Out of Your Cricket Practice

Still think that the powers of simple practice sessions are just plain old myths? None of our favourite cricketers or even the world’s most famous athletes would be where they are now without an undying dedication and love for their chosen sport. How they turned out didn’t just happen overnight… they worked hard at it for years.

While practice won’t necessarily make you a perfect cricketer, it can definitely make you better! Trust me when I say that soon enough, all your enduring efforts will shine through. One of the best ways to improve is to make the most out of your net sessions; although they have a reputation of being boring and monotonous, I have listed five of the greatest tips to make them more exciting and productive:

Set Your Goals

Goal setting, even during training, has serious benefits that you might want to take advantage of. When you have specific objectives you want to achieve, you are more motivated to accomplish them as quickly and effectively as possible. Goals also give you a sense of direction; think of them as a map that will infinitely guide you towards your chosen destination.

Goal setting increases your patience and persistence - it is important to set difficult yet attainable goals, so if you are still unsure, seek advice. Ask your coaches, teachers, teammates or maybe even a professional player!

Don’t Forget Your Warm-Ups

The nets can wait… make sure you complete some non-net activities before you practice. Warm-ups will wake your mind and body, making you more perceptive during your actual training session:

  • Speed Development – for quick and easy warm-ups, technical drills for speed can improve your ability to run between the wickets and chase balls.
  • Power Development – plyometric drills are designed to help improve your upper and lower body power - this will greatly assist you in your jumping and landing.
  • Mobility Development – mobilisation exercises such as planks, push ups and wall slides can help increase power and prevent injury.
  • Stretching or Foam Rolling – stretches will help to open up your joints; making your body ready for strenuous physical activities. If there is a foam roller present, make use of that for at least five minutes. Trust me it can make a huge difference as it can get rid of all those painful knots in your muscles!

Scenarios Can Go a Long Way

Your net sessions don’t have to be dull at all! Setting up scenarios with your team not only enhances your abilities, it also makes the whole training session livelier. Remember to set objectives so that everyone is playing with a specific purpose - replicate situations where the players are weak to further improve their abilities and skills.

It is also important to plan your sessions so that everyone in your team gets involved. Try splitting the nets up for a more efficient training session!

For bowlers; focus on your accuracy by bowling at a target. Make it more realistic by bowling in 6 ball overs.

For batsmen; practice your skills against a bowling machine, sidearm or throw downs. Work on your weakest shot.

For wicketkeepers; concentrate on throw downs.

Virtual games can also help every player’s individual performance, while strengthening the rapport of the team.  

Keep Track!

Tracking your performance can help to determine the kind of training that works best for you. If you are a bowler, keep track of how accurate you are. On the other hand, if you are a batsman, record the runs you acquire in the scenario game.

Making a note of your progress from week to week will make you realise just how much of a difference practice can make.


While it is great to be completely focused on your practice sessions, it is equally important to relax after all the hard work and pressure you’ve put yourself through - being too tense will only make your body tight and clenched; you will only play well if you are calm and graceful.

Try to think of this next practice session as the one that will really matter; because this will make you a champion.  

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