FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

What is the difference between nylon, polypropylene and polyethylene?

All man-made fibres, nylon and polypropylene (p/p) give a softer, more flexible feel whereas polyethylene (p/e) is quite a wiry type of material.

Nylon and p/p are used in applications where a curtain or drape effect is needed to take the speed and impact of a hard ball, e.g. cricket and golf.

P/E is used where the shape of the net is more important e.g. football and tennis.

20 years ago, p/p was decidedly inferior to nylon because it was not resistant to sunlight and needed to be thicker to give an equivalent strength. Modern p/p sees these problems resolved and now there is no discernable difference between them. These days, the main reason for choosing nylon over p/p is its availability in the thickness required, as p/p is a cheaper material to buy.


How do you determine which thickness of net is best?

The thicknesses shown in our product descriptions are an estimate at best because it is very difficult to measure the thickness of the twine, given its flexible and ‘squashy’ nature. The different thicknesses in mm have grown from a need to describe a net to a ‘layman’ without using technical terms, which would mean nothing.

The thickness of each net shown in our product descriptions has been accepted by the sport concerned as the most appropriate for the application and has grown out of many years of experience. The thicker the net the stronger it will be but this must be weighed against the cost. A professional sportsman will need the strongest net otherwise it will wear out too quickly, whereas a junior sportsman will get the same life from the thinnest net in our range.


What is ‘archery net’ and why use it as golf net?

Archery netting was developed to act as a back stop net to go behind archery targets or butts. Consequently, it needed to be capable of stopping an arrow travelling at considerable speed. To do this a close nylon mesh was developed, which was also a lot heavier per square metre than plain cloth. When an arrow hits the net the point may start to penetrate the mesh but it does not damage the material and the weight of the material takes all the momentum out of the arrow, so stopping it.

These properties of close mesh and weight make the material ideal for use in golf practice enclosures, where a small hard ball is hit from close range, at tremendous speed, often spinning vigorously as well. Consequently, we recommend its use in enclosures where professionals are practicing or in areas that are in constant use, as it prolongs the life of the enclosure by being a strong but sacrificial net hung in front of the back net.


Why use a curtain net in a golf enclosure

We recommend the use of curtain nets in golf enclosures because they prolong the life of the more expensive enclosure net. The curtain net is hung 300mm (1ft) in front of the back net of the enclosure, which is the area most struck by the ball. When it starts to wear out it is easier and cheaper to replace compared with a whole new enclosure. 


When can I expect my goods?

Most products have to be custom made and so the usual delivery time is 7-10 working days. This can increase to 14 days during busy periods. To organise a quicker delivery, please call or email.

To guarantee an efficient delivery service, we use a next day carrier.

Please note that goods will require a signature upon receipt. If there is no one available to receive and sign for the goods, a contact card will be left so that a suitable delivery time can be arranged.

What are your carriage charges?

As our carrier charges us by weight and not per item, we have been able to build the cost of carriage into our prices. A surcharge of £12.00, including VAT, will be charged per order to cover the costs of packaging materials, administration and credit card charges.  


Can I order by phone?

By using the contact details shown in the Contact Us section, we will be happy to accept your order over the phone or via e-mail. We can accept card payment over the telephone. Expect custom made goods in 7-10 working days extending to 15 working days in busy periods.


How can I pay?

We accept all the major credit and debit cards through the ‘WorldPay’ system, which is an encrypted system to ensure that all your details are kept safe and secure. We are happy to accept cheque payments but goods cannot be released until the cheque has been cleared. Cheques should be made payable to -Sicor International Ltd.


Can I visit you?

Come and see us… we would be delighted to speak to you face to face, by prior arrangement only. Please note that as yet we have no facilities to view our products.