Taking part in sporting activities is an essential part of the school curriculum, keeping students healthy, teaching them the value of teamwork and for the lucky few, setting them on the road to a future career as a sportsperson.

Sports netting has become an important part of the school environment, not only in terms of equipment such as football nets and tennis nets, but also from a safety perspective - to stop stray balls.

The Sports Netting Company provides a range of football netting in various sizes, including mini-soccer, five-a-side and regular football nets. We also offer top-quality tennis nets of club, championship or tournament quality, as well as tennis court surround netting.

The cost of replacing lost balls can add money to the school budget, plus there's always a risk that a spectator or passer-by might be hit by a stray ball, or that a neighbouring building's window may be smashed. Surround netting solves all of these problems by ensuring the balls can't go out of bounds.

Our cricket practice nets include boundary netting that helps to prevent injuries and reduce the need for fielders, thus enabling solitary batting practice with a bowling machine. During matches and practice sessions, there's little risk to the spectator.

If you have any school project in mind, we would be happy to discuss it with you.

As a trusted provider of sports netting, we provide a professional installation service across the UK and Ireland – we have also completed selected overseas projects.

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